This is the jump station for all the Role Playing Games that Kestrel Enterprises works with, primarily Hero Games. Here you can find access to scenarios, maps, creatures, art, house rules, source material, links, and other useful tools for players and GMs!

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Hero Games page, with information for Champions, house rules, my Champions campaign, and more!
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Miniature games and miniatures, including Chronopia, Warhammer Quest and Warhammer.
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Adventures, campaign information, bestiary and more.
Gaming Links for the interested, places to go for rules, home pages for gaming companies, and useful resource and RPG related pages.

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The Kestrel Enterprises Fantasy Hero Discussion Board
Got any complaints, thoughts, questions, ideas, or topics you want to discuss about the various products and files here? This is where to do it, courtesy my publisher Lulu.com.

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